Learning Journey 2013

It was Saturday 7 December 2013, the last day of the FCCCI Chinese School. It was the day when all the students were assembling in their classrooms showcasing what they have learnt in the past year, to their parents, who were sitting at the back of the classrooms with big smiles.
The Learning Journey marks a milestone for each student, as they have completed the whole year study in Chinese, a not-so-easy language. The learning Journey also marks a milestone for the School, as it reforms the End of Year whole school assembly and creates a more involving and engaging environment for students to participate.
‘I love presenting stuff, I always do at school. This time was a bit challenging as I had to present my work in Chinese, speaking and writing. But it was great fun, and I got to take home the big poster I made which is pretty cool’. A year 5 student said.
Parents have also welcomed the Learning Journey, they found the classroom environment intimating as they were allowed to interact with the teacher and students during the presentation. They have also appreciated the poster which they will keep for the many years to come, a sweet memory of their children’s 2013 with the School.
The School Management Committee is appreciative of parents support to the Learning Journey. It is always encouraging to see the students’ improvements and achievements, as shown in their Learning Journey poster. It is an innovative way to celebrate and end the year of the Snake. It is also the best way to look forward and welcome 2014, the year of the Horse.

Sat, 2013-12-07 10:00 - 12:00
FCCCI Chinese School