FCCCI Chinese School is engaged in fostering children’s interests in learning Chinese language. The teaching curriculum is designed around stimulating student’s interaction with teachers and textbooks. As complimentary to the school curriculum, many interesting activities are arranged throughout the year:

Some teachers integrate classroom activities such as reading competition, story telling, homework exhibition, riddles, rhyme, Chinese traditional music, Chinese movies to compliment the textbook study.

The School has trialled its reward system this year. Students will be awarded with certificate for listening attentively, finishing homework, participating in discussion and assisting others. Students with five classroom certificate will exchange for a big certificate from Principal, and five Principal certificate will qualify for a present or other awards from the School.

Students are encouraged to attend various extra-curricular activities or competitions organized by cultural institutions from both Australia and China including composition writing, Chinese drawing or knowledge quiz on China cultural and history.

The School has organized various activities to make students maintain strong link with what is happening in China or over the world. For example, a photo display of the Sichuan Earthquake and many students made donations and cards to send to China.

Every year the School organizes its students (from 12 years old up) to participate in the Root-Seeking Summer or Winter Camp to China held by Chinese government. This program helps the overseas Chinese teenagers to learn Chinese culture, deepen their connection with Chinese people and society and promote communication between young people from China and Australia. Each year the program has different themes but mainly consists of various Chinese training class, Chinese arts and skills learning class, living with Chinese family and communicating with same aged Chinese students, visiting cultural and historic sites, etc.

Each student will participate and perform at the School’s End of Year performance, where they will showcase what they have learned during the year. These performance are very popular to their parents and the wider Chinese community.

The School has a very strong presence at National Multicultural Festival each year. The School organized its students to rehearse Chinese singing or dancing performance in the colourful traditional costumes. The School has made firm commitment to contribute to the multicultural community in ACT and has been very successful in this regard. In 2012, the School will also hold an information and food stall to promote and fund raise for the School.

The School is a long term financial member of ACT Community Language School Association (formerly Ethnic School Association). One of the school committee members is nominated and sit on the Executive Committee of CLSA.

In October each year, the School has organized its teachers and students to participate in the Ethnic Language Day with our cultural performances and information display.